About Us


Technical and Operational Expertise:

Our portfolio companies are operated independently but where needed, can leverage the engineering, sales or other operational resources within United Generations to support growth.


Long-Term approach to Ownership:

As a family holding company, we are not burdened by structural considerations that might force a sale at an inopportune time.  We plan to invest in companies likely to sustain over many decades.


Ready-Access to Capital:

While strategic planning is paramount, we recognize that opportunities and challenges often arise without warning.  When capital is required after the initial transaction, we are able to fund quickly whether to support growth or provide liquidity during challenging times.


Commitment to Employees:

We rely extensively on the capabilities of our employees to drive company performance and put them in the best possible position to help them succeed.


Why Partner with Us


Who We Are

United Generations is a family-run holding company created to partner with strong management teams that may wish to leverage our operating expertise in industrial manufacturing and services to support their companies' growth.


Our family founded United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) in 1920, which manufactures environmental systems for the power generation industry.  To date, we have completed five bolt-on acquisitions and numerous strategic partnerships.


We acquired Pangborn Corporation in late 2015, a global leader in shot blasting solutions with five operating locations.

United Generations' portfolio companies have grown to become global leaders with 650 employees conducting business across 60 countries.

While we continue to operate UCC and Pangborn today, we see an opportunity to leverage our expertise and resources to help smaller businesses develop.


Recent News


Our Values


More than simply our great name, products and services, it is our people who are our business. We trust and invest in our people and they always come first.


We always honor our promises. We demonstrate this in what we do and what we say. We always obey the law and follow best business practices. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our dealings with our people, Customers, suppliers, community, and industry partners.


Teamwork enables everything we do. People play an integral part in delivering on our promises. We can only do that when we work closely together in a team both within the company and externally with our Customers and partners. We trust our teammates and value their input.


We know that we are only successful when our Customers’ businesses thrive. We make sure we deliver exceptional customer service. We honor our commitments, deliver performance beyond expectations and anticipate customer needs, with a focus on assisting our Customers to exceed their goals.


Developing new products and businesses has always been at the core of what we do. We actively seek new challenges and ways we can add value for our Customers. We strive to be at the leading edge of technology and innovation in our chosen markets.


We are passionate about process improvement. We know that even great processes, products and practices can be improved. We search for problems in order to learn lessons from them and make permanent, documented improvements.