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What We're Looking For


Investment Criteria
  • Target Markets: Power Generation & Distribution, Oil and Gas, and Industrial Equipment

  • Control investments in stand-alone, platform companies

  • EBITDA of $2 - $8 million

  • Gross margins > 20%

  • Recurring revenue characteristics (one of)

    • On-going need for product/service

    • Limited-duration useful life

    • Aftermarket parts and/or service

  • Strong free cash flow

  • US-Based

  • Compelling growth opportunities



Why Partner with Us


  • Industrial businesses which manufacture "mission-critical" engineered products, or

  • Service-oriented businesses centered around an industrial product (e.g. product refurbishment and repair)

  • Defensible competitive advantage

  • Strong management team willing to stay and invest

  • Direct relationship with end-user

  • Relentless drive for customer satisfaction

  • Strong ethical / moral standards

  • Commitment to employees


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